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Sample ImageThanks for visiting! I'm a freelance writer who specializes in health, parenting, relationships and women's issues. I've been freelancing full-time for many years and have written for dozens of magazines, custom publications and websites such as Woman's Day, Parents, Seventeen, Essence, Fit Pregnancy, Oxygen, Parenting, American Baby, Babytalk, WomensHealthMag.com, LearnVest.com, EverydayHealth.com, and many more.

Topics I've addressed range from the serious, like heart disease and diabetes, to the downright wacky, like the whens, whys and hows of poop (yours, not your child's).

Regardless of the topic, my goal is to provide clients and readers with information that is fresh, interesting and factual.

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About ME

I'm a freelancer in the forever hot and humid Houston, Texas. I enjoy finding ways to help people live healthier and more fulfilling lives, whether that means offering workout motivation, healthy eating advice or stress relief tips for frazzled parents.

Another thing I enjoy is celebrity gossip. Fortunately, I've been able to use that interest (nosiness) to add another notch to my writing belt. I've interviewed celebs such as Maria Shriver, Sasha Cohen, Gunnar Peterson, Joan Lunden, Hector Elizondo, Mark Indelicato, and Free, former co-host of BET's 106 & Park.

I write about many things: health, parenting, relationships, finances, and more for publications including Woman's Day, Parents, Oxygen, Babytalk, Preserving Your Memory, Essence, WhattoExpect.com and LearnVest.com.

I've won a National Health Information Award, a Texas Medical Association Anson Jones M.D. Award, and two Francis C. Moore, M.D. Medical Journalism Awards.

When I'm not pounding away at the keyboard, I'm working up a sweat at the gym, watching horror movies, immersing myself in a book or magazine, or trying to convince my 7-year-old son that the iPhone, iPad and laptop that he thinks are needs are really wants.


print articles

Here are samples of my print work. Clips will open in a new tab as a PDF file.


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Infant Impulses
Cyberbullying 411



online articles

Here are some samples of my online work. Links will take you directly to the article on the publisher's site.


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